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Q:  I keep hearing good things about your course.  But, what really makes you different?
A: The teaching!!!  For us, it really is true.  The teaching is what really sets us apart, so much so that we base our entire company around it
(just ask any of our 300+ students from last June and July).  Or, better yet, come see for yourself.  Sit in on ANY class at anytime!-- THIS HAS CHANGED DUE TO OTHER COMPANIES SENDING REPS TO SIT IN (see below)!!  
NOTE: Since we have been having instructors/marketers from other companies (pretending to be students) try to sit in on our classes (in fact, two instructors from other companies were ejected from one of the summer 2015 cycles), sit ins have been limited to 10min and must now be scheduled.   

Q:  How long do the courses run?  
A:  Each cycle is usually 10 weeks.  Some cycles 8 weeks and some as long as 20 weeks. 

Q:  I could not find schedule on your website, how can I get it?
A:  We don't put up our schedule online.  We've had some trouble from marketers in the past (present as well), so the board keeps our schedules offline.  In addition, our SWARTWOOD Only class is very unique.  John caters each cycle to that particular group of students. The best way to get our class schedule before you join our course is to email us! 

Q: Is it true that you can take the class as long as you want without repaying for tuition?

A: Once you join the class, you may take it as long as you want as often as you want.  There is, however, a 100 charge for seat holding and materials for each cycle you attend.  Even though we are now a corporation, the board still follows John's original policy: Once you are a student, we are with you until you are COMPLETELY done!  This, of course, entails the use  of common sense in its interpretation.  If a course is discontinued or if the course changes dramatically (e.g., the new MCAT 2015 course from the old MCAT course), students cannot take a course that no longer exists and must pay any difference to take a new course.  These changes are very rare but will happen if you end up being a student for an extended period of time, e.g., 200 years.

Q:  Where are your classes located?
A:  We are located in Westwood Village Los Angeles, California.  We have three offices in Westwood. Please email us for more information.

Please email us for any questions!
Email:  info@swartwoodprep.com or swartwoodprep@gmail.com

We will get back to you within 24 hrs.


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  If you don't receive a reply within 24 hrs from our representitives, please email at swartwoodprep@gmail.com or call at 310.999.1073 and leave a message.  We will get back to you as soon as we are able to.