SWARTWOOD Testing, Admissions, and Review 






The key to doing well on the DAT is understanding the core material in the right way and knowing how to apply your knowledge to the test.  While a significant portion of DAT questions is recall based, the DAT also incorporates comprehension questions as well as problem solving questions.  Achieving the best score you can with the least stress requires that you understand how to tackle the "hard" problems from the proper vantage point.  

That's why our program has been so successful!  We teach you how to think about the material and test.  Our method is simple: the best teaching means the results. John's incredible teaching (and that of his instructors) allow our students to excel.  What's more they actually have fun doing it.  Just ask Eric, Kristie, Tina, Jenna, Amy, Ann, Garrett, Nancy, etc.  So far, SWARTWOOD DAT students have averaged a 22.3 (please remember that this includes 26's, 24's, and 23's that "lift" the average; many students score around 21) academic average.   

Our DAT course quickly covers the core concepts/topics (Biology, G-Chem, O-Chem, PAT, Quant, and Reading Comprehension)  required of you by the ADA (American Dental Association) and then focuses on dissecting DAT questions.  Each cycle includes 105 hours of live teaching time.  And, once you join the course, you may take it as often as you want as long as you want with a payment of 100 per additional cycle, "Continuation Fee". Every cycle takes a minimum of 10 weeks to complete.  

We offer two full courses.

1) The Standard DAT Course:  This course does everything. (Please note that due to the popularity of the SW Only DAT, the Standard DAT course does not make as often.)  

2) The SWARTWOOD Only DAT:  This course is our most popular and is exactly the same as the Standard DAT Course except that John teaches almost all of the class sessions!