Continuation Policy 

How does the continuation policy work?

Once you joined SWARTWOOD courses, you can repeat cycles as many time as you wish with a fee of $200.  Disclaimer.: Since the Summer Classes are impacted, you won't be able to repeat in June cycle.

What if the class changes?

If the class changes (e.g., 2015 MCAT), you would need to pay the difference for the change in the class, a crossover fee.  These changes, however, are extremely rare.  


How can I see the schedules?

Inquire about the schedules that you are interested in.  We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Placement Fee

What is the $600 Placement Fee?

Since our cycles are impacted and sometimes as many as 30+ students must be turned away due to the class being full, there is a non-refundable $600 for holding a spot in the class. 


You have so many testimonials and pictures.  Are they really your students?

Yes, they are all really our students.  In fact, we do not even post most of the testimonials and pictures to conserve space. 


Why are so many of your students so successful?

We really love what we do!  As our head instructor, John, says, "Our approach and expertise help students maximize their scores as efficiently as possible, but the truth is:  our students are incredible!"