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Swartwood GRE Course offers the best teaching.  

The General GRE can have more or less weight depending on your program and school.  But, a vast majority of graduate schools consider the general GRE a part of your admissions package.  Certainly, even the most prestigious schools maintain the GRE to help screen out some candidates from their large application pools. It is worth noting that strong GRE scores are by no means a guarantee of admission. In top tier schools, high GRE scores might not even give you a perceivable advantage as most candidates will have strong scores. However, they can help keep you in the running.

GRE Online!

Due to the demand for a course taught primarily by John, we have a GRE ONLINE CLASS option. In it, John teaches all of the core class with Leah providing fundamentals reviews inbetween. Currently, the GRE MATH COURSE is online. The GRE VERBAL and ANALYTICAL programs will follow.

"John is the best instructor in the world hands down. I took his GRE prep class in the summer of 2006. John has provided me with invaluable help. Thanks to him, I was able to improve my GRE scores dramatically. This helped me get into my first choice PhD program. I recommended him to another UCLA neuroscience undergrad at the time (Donald Noble). He was very pleased as well, and also got into a top PhD program. I highly recommend Swartwoodprep to anybody who's serious about improving their GRE scores and strengthening their application to graduate programs."

Florence Roussotte:  Psychology Undergraduate UCLA, Neuroscience Graduate Student UCLA

"John is an amazing instructor! He helped me ace the quantitative portion of the GRE and do much better than I expected to on the verbal part of the test. Not only does he teach you important concepts and techniques that help you solve all types of problems you will encounter on test day, but he also makes everything seem so easy that you will wish he taught all of your classes (and he probably could)! It's also a huge advantage that you can go through a second cycle of classes for free once you've finished things the first time around. I highly recommend Swartwood Prep for GRE/MCAT/LSAT preparation! Every minute is worth it."

Donald Noble:  Neuroscience Undergraduate UCLA, Graduate Student Neuroscience Emory University

Quantitative: 800 Verbal: 630 

"John’s class helped improved my score immensely. Before SWARTWOOD, I had actually taken a GRE class from one of the big test prep companies and was not happy with my experience.

Then I took SWARTWOOD.  John is a genius, but that's not what separates him from the other guys.  What makes John different is that he is a genius AND a good teacher.  What makes John different is that he knows his students and tailors his class to their abilities.  What makes John different is that he cares.  John doesn’t need to offer a “money-back guarantee” for his courses because his students ALWAYS improve."

 Natasha Black - SWARTWOOD GRE student (Undergrad UCLA, Masters USC)  Quant:700 

Q:  So, Sharon what did you think about the Swartwood GRE Course?

A:  "It was a lot of fun, and, despite the size of the class, I liked that John was able to address everyone’s individual weaknesses while helping the group as a whole at the same time."

Q:  What did you think was the most helpful part of the course?

A:  "I really liked the math lessons, specifically.  Because I feel like, now, after going through the course, um, any problem that they throw at me- I can probably answer it."

Q:  What makes Swartwood GRE different?

A:  "I really think that John addresses everyone’s indivudual needs and so I like the fact that he knows everyone personally and he knows what they need to work on so it really helps when improving your score."

Sharon Noh - SWARTWOOD GRE Student  Quant:800  Verbal:600