"I actually took the MCAT 7 times... It was a very, very difficult journey for me. I hung tight when it was tough, and I did pretty well at the very end. And, I made it. There would be no acceptance to medical school without Swartwood. Thank you, Swartwood!”

- Andy Chen SWARTWOOD MCAT Student (Now: Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine Student) 

Featured on the AAMC's Inspirational Stories!  AAMC Andy Chen

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Testimonial from our client

"I consider myself very lucky to have had world-class teaching from John for the MCAT.  Swartwood prep is special because of its founder and main instructor, John, who is an extremely hard worker, excellent teacher, and caring mentor.  He describes relatively complicated concepts in verbal reasoning, physics, chemistry, and biology using easy-to-understand vocabulary, metaphors, mnemonics, and examples.   John truly cares about giving individual attention to his students and he is dedicated to our success.  After a three-hour long lecture on organic chemistry, John e-mailed his students offering to re-teach the entire session in addition to the regularly scheduled lesson because his first lecture was not up to his standards.  John’s commitment to excellence shines through in all aspects of Swartwood prep – there is no better place to learn how to approach the MCAT.

The first time I took a AAMC practice MCAT I scored a 28.
After 3 months working with John, I scored a 37 on the real MCAT.


-Mike P- SWARTWOOD Only MCAT student 
USC Mecial School Student (Keck)

Testimonial from our client

"Before I took the SWARTWOOD Only class I had tried several different MCAT preparation courses, but did not achieve the results I wanted. Other MCAT courses focused primarily on memorizing a lot of information, and thus I felt overwhelmed by details that might show up on the exam. My SWARTWOOD experience was different in that the focus was on critical thinking, such as how to think your way through MCAT problems using only basic science.

John taught only the material which could appear on the exam in a very concise, memorable, and even entertaining manner. He was also very approachable and explained answers to questions in a way that was easy to understand. The course atmosphere was upbeat and motivational, and during class breaks John would share advice and inspirational stories of students’ journeys to achieve acceptance into medical school. The workshops were insightful, because I was able to practice how to attack problems through different critical thinking strategies. The Verbal Reasoning course was also very helpful, since John taught us how to dissect the passage in order to answer questions faster. I also really appreciated a Verbal Reasoning workbook full of practice tests so that I could practice a test taking strategy which would work for me.

Overall, I greatly benefited from my SWARTWOOD MCAT course, as it helped me achieve success on the MCAT in a smart way, by using critical thinking to attack the problems without stressing out too much about the content of the exam."

-Vanessa Meneses- SWARTWOOD Only MCAT student

University of Illinois College of Medicine- Class of 2016