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Welcome to SWARTWOOD Testing, Admissions, & Review, the best choice for MCAT, DAT, OAT, PCAT, GRE, and GRE Subject Test preparation. Our UNIVERSITY REVIEWS section offers the most effective big style lecture, group, and private tutoring for university classes.

SWARTWOOD Testing, Admissions, & Review believes in bringing the best instructors under one roof and promoting the most effective pedagogy.

OUR MOTTO:  To attend to you as an individual (not just another number), hand crafting a course of study best suited to your needs.

OUR ADVANTAGE:  What can we offer that the other companies cannot?  OUR INSTRUCTORS.

If you are taking a prep course, you should be saying what our students are saying,

"I chose Swartwood over the other people that teach it for several reasons. One, he really cares about us.  John cares that we will do well.  He just wants us to get most out of his teaching, the most out of the experience...It’s always really high energy in here, fun. Studying isn’t always fun but John somehow makes it fun…I think John is just different.  That’s just a good word for him…he’s the smartest person, smartest human being, I think I’ve ever met in my life, and he knows how to teach.  That’s important.  He’s not just a textbook.  He really teaches the material. So, I always walk away learning something new."  -Lauren Appell (SWARTWOOD MCAT student)

That is what we have to offer. Everyone claims to have the best, but we actually do. But, we do not expect you to take our word for it (or even that of our many students).  You need to come and see for yourself.  So, please drop by and sit in on a session for FREE.

WHAT YOU WON'T SEE ON THIS WEBSITE: You will not see a protracted list of every content topic we teach, nor will you see an overworked ad about what we will do for you.  The reason is simple.  No "course description" can ever really tell you what a class is like.  Think of that catalogue description you had for your first life science class...It reads identically each time the class is taught.  But, as you have probably learned, the class can be anywhere from an easy "A" to a nearly impossible "pass" based on whose teaching it.  

So, from our point of view, the only way you will know how incredible our classes are is to sit in for yourself.  That's why we confidently invite you to sit in on a session for 10min at no cost.  The next best thing is to show you real students who have taken the course.  That's what all of the testimonials are for.  And, YES, they are ALL real SWARTWOOD students (most of them from UCLA, but we have had students from Johns Hopkins, Virginia, Yale, Princeton University, Bucknell, Stanford, UC Irvine, etc).  Please make sure to email for an appointment as classes are full and special accommodations must be made for sit ins.

SWARTWOOD Testing, Admissions, & Review is comprised of three departments:

Testprep for Graduate and Professional Schools, Admissions Consulting for Graduate and Professional Schools, and University Class Reviews for University Classes.

1.  Testprep Department entails preparation for the medical school (MCAT), graduate school (GRE), pharmacy school (PCAT), dental school (DAT), optometry school (OAT), and GRE Subject exams.

2.  Admissions Department covers applications for medical, law, and graduate schools as well as undergraduate universities.

3.  Our University Class Reviews Department (founded off the enormous popularity of our head instructor's class reviews) handles large lecture style reviews as well as private tutoring in mathematics, psychology, statistics, biology, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, communications, political science, and philosophy.